B & H Returns

Pukekohe Park Raceway

Saturday 5th OCTOBER 2019




HRC are keen to continue to foster Historic and Classic racing as long as the cars are as they ran in period. We are also keen to foster more modern classes that are easy entry level classes like 2KCup and IPC (Improved Production Cars).


To provide an event that combines the two, HRC along with NZIGP, ACC and NSCC have decided to bring back the B&H races of the past.


The B & H 500 race will be over 500 miles (or 6 hours - whichever comes sooner) and there will no limit on the number of drivers per car and pit stops will also be un-limited, no minimum times or limits to when you stop.

As part of this meeting we will also run a shorter 100 mile race (or 90 minutes - whichever comes sooner) for cars that comply with the IPC rules which allow more modifications though with a minimum lap time of 1.14sec on Hampton. These endurance races are for the slower cars, the 500 in completely standard trim and the 100 for the modified production cars.


Entries will open on Monday 24th June 2019 and be on a first come, first served basis.


Maximum of 46 entries in each race.



  • Decide which race you want to enter - 100 miles or 500 miles
  • Make sure that your vehicle is eligible by reading the rules
  • Enter the event at www.motorsportentry.com and pay entry fee.
  • Please read the Regulations Carefully as entries will only be accepted when paid....
  • Once we have received your entry, you will receive a Declaration of Compliance that you must sign and return to HRC - acknowledging that your vehicle meets the rules.